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Bec from Estabar

Where: 61 Shortland Esplanade, Newcastle NSW 2300

What: Newcastle East cafe

About:  “We were one of the first people that really started this new wave of coffee and really got engaged with it.

“We opened with really clear intentions of making really excellent coffee, and being that special place for customers. So not just handing out coffees but creating a space for them to come in and relax and to gather with their friends and family.

“I want a future of food where farmers win, the environment wins and we win. Meaning, farmers get a great return for their efforts, where the environment can be totally nourished through farming, and for us I want nutrient dense food. I don’t want what easiest to grow or ship or the most uniformed looking tomato. I want food that is delicious and ripe and relevant to our culture”.

Bec’s favourite thing to do in Newcastle on her day off:  “I love walking up to King Edward Park with my dog. And when you start walking back towards here you get that amazing view of the beach and the baths, there is often whales and dolphins, and you just see people out enjoying, they are all up lifted and friendly”.


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