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Michelle from Ramjet

Where: 78 Darby street, Cooks Hill

What: Boutique clothing store

About: Ramjet is a fun, vibrant and quirky clothing store which has made its mark on Darby Street for the past 18 years.

Have you seen Darby Street much over that time?

“Yes, but there is a good core group of us- Abicus, High Tea with Mrs Woo, Black Bird Corner, Betty Mim.

“Obviously you do see things come and go.

“I also think the suburbs have become a lot more activated, I’m at Tyres Hill and within 1km I can walk to an awesome coffee shop that has good food. So yes, there has been a lot of changes,  but I am excited to see what’s to come.

“There are so many opportunities to go along here”.

As for the types of clothes you might find?

“I’m a Gemini, so it changes”, explains Michelle, “and the shop will generally age with me”.

Filled with lots of patterned clothing, each item is exclusive with only limited size orders made.

Michelle’s favourite thing to do on her day off: A massage, I like peace and quiet on my days off because I talk all day long. Massage On Darby is the best massage ever!

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